Pretty Little Liars Recap: Tippy The Bird Is A!


As per usual, this week on Pretty Little Liars we got about 23 new questions and no new answers. But in addition to the questions, we got Tippy the bird, the reemergence (in name only) of Holden, and a rebound fling for Aria (brb CRYING. MY. EYES OUT). So let’s chat about those things, as well as Toby’s mom, Hannah’s awful outfit choice and Ashley’s muddy Manolos. Continue reading


#tbt Bravo’s NYC Prep: Recapping Episode 1 Of The Most Underrated Reality Show Of All Time


A handful of years ago, Bravo produced eight of the greatest episodes of television to ever hit the airwaves in the form of a real-life Gossip Girl series called NYC Prep. Since it’s throwback Thursday (technically still, I think, is it after midnight?) I decided today is as good as any to revisit the premiere episode and reacquaint myself with with some of the great and influential human beings of our time: Jessie, PC, Kelli, Taylor, Sebastian and Camille.  Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars Season Premiere: What Was In The Trunk?!


We’re finally here: A is back, bitches! And thank Jesus she is, because I’d been sitting on the edge of my seat ever since the girls opened that trunk in the season finale and it was starting to get uncomfortable. Finally, finally, after like three months of waiting, we got to find out what was in the trunk of Wilden’s waterlogged police cruiser.

SPOILER ALERT it was a dead pig and honestly are you serious with this right now? I waited THREE MONTHS for that?

I have yet to get over this but let’s chat about some other important things that happened. Continue reading