Last week, the E! Network broke America’s collective heart. We are saying an official goodbye to one of the greatest television shows to ever grace the airwaves. A show with laughs, a show with heart, a show with family, a show with a lovable and goofy protagonist that you couldn’t help but feel fond towards.

I’m talking, of course, about What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

That’s right, folks. This gem of a TV show is officially over, and way before it’s time. No more ridiculous sneakers or exclamations of the word “jeah!” or gratuitous footage of Ryan getting fitted for a suit gracing your living room once a week. I can’t be the only one heartbroken about this.

Let’s take a moment to remember some of the things Ryan Lochte did over the course of eight glorious episodes (otherwise known as “I felt like googling a bunch of pictures of Ryan Lochte and decided to share”):

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PLL Recap: The Toby And Caleb Show


Sorry for slacking. Last week just got away from me. All that we really need to know about last week’s episode of PLL is that Rosewood PD actually arrested Ashley Marin although it would appear that she didn’t actually do it! It’s–surprise–a set up by A. Also, everyone gets mad at Spencer because they find about Toby and A’s Tour Bus, Mike’s friend spreads slut rumors about Aria, and A’s mask at the end actually distinctly resembles one of the girls instead of just a random being. Read on for more about this week’s episode and also my PLL Top 5 because if we’re all honest we’re mostly watching this show for the hot guys.

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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Hannah Forgets That This Isn’t Spring Breakers


Oh my God, guys, I’m so late on recapping PLL. Oops! It’s especially sad because this week’s episode was actually fantastic! This week we learned that Spencer is not a sofa, Mrs. Hastings!, Aria’s brother didn’t actually run away or die, and every sorority house has a miniature forest in its backyard. I’ve been feeling like recapping the episode scene-by-scene is becoming a bit cumbersome, so I decided to go about it different this week– here’s ten things you need to know about episode 5, Gamma Zeta Die.

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#tbt Bravo’s NYC Prep: Recapping Episode 1 Of The Most Underrated Reality Show Of All Time


A handful of years ago, Bravo produced eight of the greatest episodes of television to ever hit the airwaves in the form of a real-life Gossip Girl series called NYC Prep. Since it’s throwback Thursday (technically still, I think, is it after midnight?) I decided today is as good as any to revisit the premiere episode and reacquaint myself with with some of the great and influential human beings of our time: Jessie, PC, Kelli, Taylor, Sebastian and Camille.  Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars Season Premiere: What Was In The Trunk?!


We’re finally here: A is back, bitches! And thank Jesus she is, because I’d been sitting on the edge of my seat ever since the girls opened that trunk in the season finale and it was starting to get uncomfortable. Finally, finally, after like three months of waiting, we got to find out what was in the trunk of Wilden’s waterlogged police cruiser.

SPOILER ALERT it was a dead pig and honestly are you serious with this right now? I waited THREE MONTHS for that?

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