36 Signs You Went To Fordham University

EDIT: Now to be actually found on BuzzFeed! Man, was I wrong about this not catching on over there.

So lately, one BuzzFeed post that’s been showing up on my radar has been that “30 Signs You Went To NYU.” It’s like, kind of rude, like BuzzFeed knows back when I was applying to college (aka the Stone Age) (okay that’s an exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like), NYU was arguably my top choice and they waitlisted me because of  my C+ in Precalculus (that’s an assumption on my part but whatever). In the end it didn’t matter, because I ended up a way better, more fun and cooler school that I graduated from with… well. Less debt than NYU would’ve given me. I’m talking about the second-choice of NYU wannabes everywhere: Fordham University.

Here’s the thing though: we might arrive there as NYU wannabes, but we definitely don’t leave there like that. Nope, I am 110% ram forever and ever and if I did it all over (which I desperately want to) I would do it exactly the same. But this BuzzFeed post sparked an idea in me. Since I’m unemployed and living with my parents again, basically all I do is reminisce about being in college and how awesome it was an how much I miss it, so I feel like I can channel all of this into a similar list: 36 Signs You Went To Fordham. I doubt this would catch much attention on BuzzFeed simply because our student body is considerably smaller than NYU’s, but I have a feeling at least a couple of people I know will enjoy this.

1. People often mistook you as saying “Florida” when you told them where you went to school. Eventually, you stopped correcting them.

not florida

2. You judged people on where they lived freshman year: Queens kids were straightedge nerds, Hughes kids partied 24/7, Tierney kids were a weird cult, and you couldn’t tell North or South apart unless you lived there. (These stereotypes were accurate maybe half the time).

3. Your name is carved or written on a wall somewhere in the Jolly Tinker.


4. Pizza is good, but love is it!

5. This guy is a legend.

(You’ve lied to him about what year you are to avoid paying a cover)

6. You would rather take the D train all the way back to the Bronx and walk down Fordham Road back to campus than sit in the backseat of the ramvan.

7. Speaking of ramvan, you were livid when they moved the office to the parking garage (unless you lived in O’Hare or Tierney)

8. You’ve snuck someone in through a window because you forgot to get a guest pass


9. Or signed them in under a fake name and room number to avoid a fine for breaking 3am guest curfew

(Maybe you were George Washington for a night)

10. U2 once played on Keating steps, did you know?

11 . It took you an embarrassing amount of time to master how to swipe into the library without setting the alarm off

12. Also how to get around in Keating

13. You’ve dropped a class for the sole reason that it was in FMH

14. At least 65% of your friends were from Long Island, New Jersey, or Westchester

15. You were distraught when the Candy Lounge got shut down before you got a chance to go

16. Buffalo Chicken Wraps from the grill. That is all.


17. You didn’t feel confident in taking finals until you were served French toast sticks by Father McShane at midnight breakfast

18. Having a nativity or two on campus at Christmastime, or signs advertising Lent before Easter, wasn’t weird to you

19. You couldn’t wait for senior year homecoming so you could finally drink in the homecoming tent


20. Notable alumni you can name off the top of your head: Denzel Washington, Lana Del Rey (even though she dropped out), Albie Manzo and Greg Bennett of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame (just me?)

21. Senior nights were loud and inconvenient until you were a senior, then they were awesome

(Plenty of Miller Lite to get you more drunk in McGinley 2nd)

22. Two words: the core

23. You heard that if you climbed Keating bell tower or tried to get into the tunnels, you’d get expelled. You probably tried anyways.

bell tower

24. Vince Lombardi went here, but the football team is pretty mediocre

25. Security alerts were a regular topic of conversation

security alert

26. You knew it was officially spring when you could get a contact high by walking past Eddie’s after dark

27. You were disgusted but not surprised when multiple campus eateries failed health inspection

(Obviously not at Fordham)

28. You lived for spring weekend

29. Rose Hill > Lincoln Center. Sorry.

30. You could be enticed to any event or program by free Tino’s and know that Estrellita has the best guacamole around

31. You feel like you know Frank Bulfamante personally


32. You survived Martyr’s*

33. It’s beer city, not beer cave.

beer caveNope.

34. You’ve gone to great lengths to smuggle food and/or drink out of the caf

35. The post office at the beginning of the semester is like a personal hell

36. No class on Wednesdays meant a definite trip to the Bronx Zoo

Oh my god, I could go on for days. Feel free to throw out suggestions, because I miss Fordham more than I can even verbalize and can’t wait until 2013 homecoming. Till then, go forth and set the world on fire bitches!

*Disclaimer on the Martyr’s one, because I know some people are going to call me out: I never lived in Martyr’s, I just felt it was essential to mention.

Also sorry about the lazy-ass job with the pictures.


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