PLL Recap: The Toby And Caleb Show


Sorry for slacking. Last week just got away from me. All that we really need to know about last week’s episode of PLL is that Rosewood PD actually arrested Ashley Marin although it would appear that she didn’t actually do it! It’s–surprise–a set up by A. Also, everyone gets mad at Spencer because they find about Toby and A’s Tour Bus, Mike’s friend spreads slut rumors about Aria, and A’s mask at the end actually distinctly resembles one of the girls instead of just a random being. Read on for more about this week’s episode and also my PLL Top 5 because if we’re all honest we’re mostly watching this show for the hot guys.

1. Aria starts off the episode on a high note, wearing an oversize pink sweater that says “AS IF.” because this is 1994.

2. Mike was not at The Brew for the open mic night, so Aria thinks he could, possibly, have something to do with vandalizing of Connor’s (the one that started the slut rumor) car. When she asks why he didn’t show: “Sad chicks in hipster glasses playing the same three chords and whining about their ex? Yeah, no thanks.” So I guess Mike won’t be going to any Taylor Swift concerts anytime soon either. Aria takes Mike’s word, but Connor and his parents don’t, so bring on that drama.

3. Oh my GOD I forgot we went to Ravenswood last week! It was stuck in a 1957 time warp and looked kind of like Halloweentown! I can’t wait for this show!

4. Ezra is still the most perfect man in existence. Early on, he checks in with Hannah to see how she’s doing (after all, her mom’s been accused of murder) because he’s a wonderful and great teacher. Then, he stands up to Principal Hackett, who is considering expelling Mike because of the vandalism accusations, and reminds him that hey, you don’t have any evidence. Thank you for being the only logical person here, Ezra. And PS: he does this all in Saturday casual and it’s totally swoon-worthy. He also tells Aria “You know there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you, right?” and she doesn’t kiss him and everything about my life is ruined.

5. Why in the name of ALL THAT IS HOLY didn’t we add a Caleb/Toby bromance to this show earlier?! It’s the best thing to happen all season! Let’s just put them in charge of everything! I don’t even want to see the Liars anymore, I just want to see Toby and Caleb hanging out and solving mysteries.

6. Dumbass Emily steals the key to Wilden’s apartment from the police station and the girls break in, which is about the worst idea anyone’s had since Hannah brought the gun to the sorority party. “Lights stay off, remember! And try to put things back where you found them, in case the police come back. Aria, gloves,” Emily the professional burglar orders, as if any of these precautions have ever helped them against A. They don’t even find anything useful: Aria finds his porn and is eternally scandalized, and there’s a box of rotting steaks that A sent. So to recap: nothing useful. But the key was Emily’s mom’s responsibility, so she is officially suspended indefinitely until the key is found. Good work, girls.

7. Let’s talk about Caleb and Toby again. ABC Family is calling them Taleb, but I’m partial to Coby. They are the ones who are going to solve this mess. Case in point: they figure out where the plane took off from the night of the lodge fire. They head there to investigate and meet Nigel Wright (hel-LO there Nigel). They bribe him for info with all of $20, so he’s cheap, but he’s lying anyways. Surprise, he’s part of the A team. Or something. So Coby go back to confront him, Caleb shows of some ninja moves (jumps a desk and steals Nigel’s phone) and we find out that… CeCe Drake chartered the flight? What?

8. Spencer eavesdrops on her parents and tells Hannah that things are really bad for Ashley. (Like, worse than that orange jumpsuit bad). So Hannah tries to give Ashley legal advice. Hannah, you’re precious.

9. Cut back to Nigel. He’s making someone tea. We don’t see any black gloves but we do see some big round sunglasses. Could this be Jenna?

10. A loves driving cars through things and people. Latest edition: Emily’s living room. Everyone’s okay, but what the fuck. Then A buys Emily a $50 hardware store gift card, because A is a lousy bitch.

Sorry this is all so half-assed. I hope I got everything important that happened. But we MFK’d the PLL boys for a solid half-hour before the show started last night, before making our Top 5’s. The rules: two lists. Top 5 PLL boys you would bang on straight looks, no personality considered:

1. Ezra
2. Noel
3. Jake
4. Mike
5. Nigel

We did it based on personality too, but that’s tough because you can’t trust anyone on this show! What’s your Top 5? I feel like, really guilty for not including Toby and Caleb. Oops!

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