Tweets By Cher: Inspiration For Us All

So it’s been about two months since us members of the class of 2013 graduated. It’s a tough transition. College rocked: we lived with all of our friends, drank a lot, and sometimes even went to class. Now we have to be a part of the real world, and have actual responsibilities, and a career and stuff. A lot of the time, it sucks. Maybe, like me, you’re struggling to find a job or career path while still living at home with your parents. Maybe you’re trying to figure out whether or not to continue your college relationship. Maybe you’re just having kind of a shitty day. If any of this is the case, I have something for you: Inspiration by Cher.

Now, if you’re not following Cher on Twitter, you’re doing it all wrong. If you’re just plain not on Twitter: why are you living in 1957? Anyways, Cher is the undisputed Queen of the Tweet and she inspires her followers daily with capslock and brilliant words of wisdom. Here is a compilation of some of her greatest tweets, dating back only through May 18th (the day of my commencement) that can aid and inspire you through any tough postgrad situation you might be facing:

Maybe you’re just having a tough day. The guy behind you at Dunkin Donuts was rude, someone shoved you on the subway, you got in trouble with your boss (if you have a job) or you got turned down for a position (if you don’t). Haters are everywhere, and even legends like Cher have them! She’s right, it doesn’t make it easy. But Cher beats those haters every day! And you can too!

Feeling cranky? We all have those days. But sometimes, you’ve just gotta put on your big girl g-string (if you’re a guy… sorry) and deal with it! And sometimes, that’s all it takes (although sometimes wearing a g-string can make you more cranky). If Cher can snap out of it, so can we.

Such good advice! Why do you think I write blogs about Cher and Amanda Bynes and Pretty Little Liars? Certainly not because I’m trying to catch the eye of a Bravo or E! executive who will offer me my own television show! It’s because I believe in these things. And you know where it’s gotten me? Well… absolutely nowhere so far, but I’m young. As for the talking to each other part… I talk to my dog, does that count?

Sometimes, ya get frustrated and just gotta rant about how shitty you feel. That doesn’t mean you’re not still you!

Not sure what this means, but it’s from June 30th and Cher’s still here (unless #nowthatchersdead really was about her?!?!) so she survived whatever she was going through then. We can survive the postgrad slump too!

Maybe some douchehole hook-up of yours from college showed your sexts to his buddies. Well, you know what? Cher says DON’T BE ASHAMED of your body! She would’ve posed naked if she had the chance! So work it, own it, gurl.

If you don’t want this embroidered on a pillow in your home, you don’t know what inspiration is.

Maybe you’re worried about telling your family, friends or new coworkers about your sexuality. If you need some help through the process, just look to Cher! She can’t be the only one who though “gay” was code for “fun” as a child! Your new coworkers probably think the same!

We all have our “me me me” moments. But sometimes, we just need to step back and think about everyone else. Cher has certainly succeeded in making all beings happy, so let’s follow her lead!

I have no commentary on this, it just makes me feel infinitely better about my future and like Cher has my best interest at heart.

So there you have it, guys. The most inspirational icon and Queen of Twitter, Cher. If you’re ever feeling down, just have a scroll through her feed. She is funny and indignant and outspoken and wonderful, just as any legend should be, and will definitely brighten your mood. In conclusion:

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